Friday, December 9, 2011

The Epic Reading List Update: 'The Hunger Games.'

LIST Update as of December 9th:

1. 'The Hunger Games' -Suzanne Collins
2. 'Alanna the First Adventure' -Tamora Pierce
3. 'Anna Dressed in Blood' -Kendare Blake
4. 'In the Hand of the Goddess' -Tamora Pierce
5. 'Graceling' -Kristin Cashore
6. 'The Woman Who Rides Like a Man' -Tamora Pierce
7. 'The Name of the Star' -Maureen Johnson
8. 'Lioness Rampant' -Tamora Pierce
9. 'Tale of Two Cities' -Charles Dickens
10. 'Wild Magic' -Tamora Pierce
11. 'Catching Fire' -Suzanne Collins
12. 'Wolf Speaker' -Tamora Pierce
13. 'Matched' -Ally Condie
14. 'Emperor Mage' -Tamora Pierce
15. 'Divergent' -Veronica Roth
16. 'The Realm of the Gods' -Tamora Pierce

I know, I know, I know. It took me ages to read 'The Hunger Games.' It was always on the epic mental reading list but it was continually pushed back and back until I finally decided that I wouldn't read them until they were all out.

Well, all of them have come out and I still hadn't read them. With the advice and suggestion of my dearest friend Sam it was decided that 'The Hunger Games' would be my post-'Clockwork Prince' read.

It was a good choice. I love it. I borrowed my sister's copy and am already deciding how I plan to buy them all. (I think Barnes and Noble is my best bet. It's actually cheaper to buy them individually in hardcover than the box set...)

Anyway, I read the first 287 pages in a single sitting and all I wanted to do was read more but I had to be at work in four hours. I spent all work itching to come home and read. With a few others delays I devoured the last 100 pages.

It was so worth waiting this long.

The pacing was fantastic. While reading my pulse was thudding, my breath was held. It didn't seem to matter that I was fairly certain about who would live and who wouldn't. I wanted to know what happened next. How far she'd take things with Peeta, how the next player in the games was going to die, what the next challenge was going to be. Everything.

It was brilliantly put together and gripping. I can't wait to read the next one and see the backlash of Katniss and Peeta's actions. My only regret is that I put 'Catching Fire' so far down on the list.

Next up is the first in my Tamora Pierce reread. 'Alanna: The First Adventure.' I do so love Tamora Pierce.


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