Monday, December 19, 2011

Epic Reading List Updated: 'In The Hand of The Goddess'

List Update as of December 19th

1. 'The Hunger Games' -Suzanne Collins
2. 'Alanna the First Adventure' -Tamora Pierce
3. 'Anna Dressed in Blood' -Kendare Blake
4. 'In the Hand of the Goddess' -Tamora Pierce

5. 'Graceling' -Kristin Cashore
6. 'The Woman Who Rides Like a Man' -Tamora Pierce
7. 'The Name of the Star' -Maureen Johnson
8. 'Lioness Rampant' -Tamora Pierce
9. 'Tale of Two Cities' -Charles Dickens
10. 'Wild Magic' -Tamora Pierce
11. 'Catching Fire' -Suzanne Collins
12. 'Wolf Speaker' -Tamora Pierce
13. 'Matched' -Ally Condie
14. 'Emperor Mage' -Tamora Pierce
15. 'Divergent' -Veronica Roth
16. 'The Realm of the Gods' -Tamora Pierce

*Content Sigh* It's so hard to be in a bad mood after reading Tamora Pierce. In the Hand of the Goddess has always been my favorite of the Song of the Lioness books. This is not just because it has the best cover of the four.

Yeah, I have the old covers and I like them better.
There's so much to this cover that it makes me happy. Plus, it's pretty.

After my last Tamora Pierce post is occurred to me that I spent the entire time gushing about the book and my undying love for the author. While this is still all true, the books are by no means perfect. So I'll actually take some time this post to talk about the faults with my favorite of them.

In the Hand of the Goddess is a fantastic book and I'm fairly certain it will still be my favorite of the four when I finish the series. But, as I said, it has its faults. For one, I love the story in this one. Delia and the showdown with Roger, the battle, all of it but so much happens for a book of 209 pages. Perhaps too much. Now, I'm not saying events should have been cut out, they all have their importance, just that the book should have been longer.

One great way of doing that would have been to have her characters talk more. I've noticed that this happens in her later books, which get longer. Her characters are witty and have fantastic interactions when we get to see them interact. I like dialogue and absolutely love reading about character relationships. In Pierce's books we definitely get a sense of these relationships because when the characters do interact she makes it count. However, more everyday scenes would allow for more subtlety.

That's my main issue with the book and perhaps the whole series. The length. As they are the books make for great quick read books that never fail to be entertaining.

And can I just say that I love Gary and that he laughs when Alanna tells him the truth, or how Raoul sulks when she leaves, and Myles has to hold Jon back when she wrestles with Demon Grey. Also, Myles. I adore Myles. Like I mentioned, the interactions count when they're there.

Over All Rating: Epic (She's been too much of an influence for me to be totally objective here and for that I ask for your pardon.)

Next up is (much to Sam's excitement), Graceling by Kristin Cashore.


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