Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The First Not So Epic Snag in The Epic Reading List

There's a bit of a trend in my reading habits. I finish a book, spend the next day doing no reading whatsoever. Start the book the day after that but only read a chapter or maybe two. The day after that usually finds me sitting up all night and finishing the book. Then the cycle starts again.

This is usually how my reading habits go. That is until there's a snag. Snags come in a variety of forms.
I could spend a week or more completely caught in my own head and then I do nothing but write when I'm not at work.
Or I could struggle to get into a book and then I find other things to do in order to avoid struggling through the book.
It's also possible that I'm still stuck in the last book I read and have found my reading time spent rereading the previous book.
Sometimes I just have a whole bunch of movies or seasons of television shows from the library and need to watch them before they go back.

Snags are many and various.

Right now I'm in a mix of snags. I did struggle to get into Graceling a bit (though 117 pages in I like it much better) but I also have a whole bunch of stuff from the library. Not to mention I've been resisting the itch to pick The Hunger Games back up (a feat that was easier before I bought my own copy and it was so accessible).

I have not abandoned the Epic Reading List, I've just slowed down a little.



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