Monday, December 5, 2011

My Not At All Epic Lack of 'Clockwork Prince.'

I am, like many other people, beyond excited for Cassandra Clare's 'Clockwork Prince.' Today is officially it's book birthday.

In my immense excitement I ventured off to Walmart about twenty till twelve. I am not a Walmart shopper for the most part but they're open at midnight and I have been there before around 11:30 and they had books on shelves that were not supposed to be out until midnight. I was hoping it would be out, if not I would wander the store until they put it out.

So, I wandered and wandered and wandered and around 12:20 I finally asked someone. They only knew they were supposed to put movies out but nothing about books. I asked someone else they gave me a blank stare and told me they didn't know. So I went to Customer Service and asked. The woman had no idea and got a man. He had no idea what I was talking about. I mentioned the display they had attached to the sensor things by the door and how they had an exclusive edition.

He told me that they didn't have it and that a third party vendor stocks the books and hadn't been in yet. That might have been okay. I would have been disappointed but I could have dealt with it graciously.

And then he said: "Call next time and not waste time."

Okay, hold on. What?!

I didn't say anything that I wanted to. Instead I thanked them and left. He shouted something about calling before I come in tomorrow after me.

First, I firmly believe that no time spent in pursuit of a book is wasted. Even if they don't have it as was this case you tried and that is never a waste. If you care enough to be there at midnight or waiting for them to unlock the door than I already think well of you for unabashedly pursuing what you love.

Second, I am terribly sorry for taking up the almost literally minute of your time asking for help when two other people couldn't assist me. At this point I would rather drive the twenty minutes to a completely different Walmart tomorrow to acquire that edition than deal with that store again. And I just might.

This may all seem rather over dramatic for a book release. Admittedly, I might not be quite as upset about them not having it as I am if this week at work hadn't been particularly bad.

I'll tell you just a little about it, you don't want the full rant, I promise.

I work in a chocolate shop. If you've seen my Twitter (AMCatastrophe) you've probably seen tweets with the hashtag #ChocolateShopWoes. It's not a particularly bad job for the most part. To avoid the bulk of my work rant we'll stick to this week.

I am one of two people in the store who makes caramel from scratch. Caramel apples are kind of our thing, you see. We make around 400 apples a week on a regular basis. It's not bad. I do 200 and the other caramel maker, my friend Laura, does the rest. Sounds good.

But we've had these massive apple orders lately. 500+ apples. It's gotten so bad that shaking the excess caramel off has been difficult on my wrist so I've started wearing a brace.

So on Friday I made 200 apples. On Sunday I made 250 and Monday I did another 200. I totally ripped up my hand. Blisters, bruises, burns, cuts on top of my wrist being sore and generally in pain for a great deal of the time. My boss is sort of crazy so on top of trying to not only dip these apples in caramel but then top them in chocolate and such I'm trying to deal with her disorganization and general craziness.

Basically what I'm getting at is that this was a very stressful week. The only thing keeping me going is 'Clockwork Prince.' On top of that, I was supposed to go to South Carolina for the Cassandra Clare signing on Saturday and everyone I was supposed to go with bailed on me and my mum is uncomfortable with me driving from Cleveland by myself. So, I'm not going and I'm not happy about it.

So this little upset got a rant.

Thanks for reading/listening. You get even more props and virtual hugs (I'm not really a hugger but virtual ones are okay) if you've read this far.


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