Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Beyond Epic, Beyond Beautiful Cassandra Clare Book Cover and the Mildly Epic Holly Black Ones

As I'm sure anyone who might looking at this blog knows, the cover for Cassandra Clare's next book City of Lost Souls was released today via USA Today.
Here is the Hi-Res version Clare put on her Tumblr today:

In all of the City of Lost Souls cover excitement it may have been lost that there was also a post on The Story Siren about Holly Black's Curse Workers series and the new cover designs.

Admittedly, all I saw were the gushes about how beautiful the Lost Souls cover is and not really any critiques of it. However I saw tons on the Curse Workers books. As a matter of fact, I am not particularly fond of the new Curse Workers covers. I love the original covers and while I would have read them regardless because they are Holly Black books, I loved the White Cat cover from the moment I saw it.

I really feel that the new covers are almost misleading in terms of the feel of the book. They're certainly beautiful but they aren't dark or gritty enough in my opinion.

What I saw when I made my initial comment on the covers was that there were a number of people who said that they were interested in reading them now that they have the new covers. I understand people are drawn to book covers. I myself tend to pick up books based on their covers and then read the flap. That's natural. It's why books have beautiful covers.

But these comments made no sense to me. Saying they might have picked them up initially if the books had those covers is logical but saying they'll pick them up now is ridiculous. It is the same book. A cover redesign doesn't mean anything different is about the text. I know this is a little ranty.

What does anyone else think? Can a cover really impact how you look at the text itself? I know it can make you pick up a book but can it change how good you think the text itself is?



  1. I think covers can make or break the book... I personally am all about the covers! I love the curseworkers series- but like for Tithe I liked the second cover more than the first one- but thats just me..

  2. That's interesting.

    I also like the second Tithe cover better but I never really considered how it impacted my reading of the book.