Monday, January 2, 2012

The Epic No Kiss BlogFest!

The epic No Kiss Blog Fest is here! Huzzah! I'm rather excited for something I didn't actually know about until yesterday but here we are.

First off let us start with one of my favorite massively epic No Kiss scenes. It's a classic and it totally counts.
Pride and Prejudice Proposal in the Rain

It won't let me embed it. Sorry lovelies.

And now my no kiss scene. It's from the current as-of-yet-untitled piece that I started for NaNoWriMo. It's a rough draft that neither of my usual readers have looked over for me yet (I'm not nervous about it or anything...).

                After several awkward minutes of shifting around each other they discovered that the most comfortable way to share the music was to lay facing one another, each with one of the ear buds. There was little conversation. Colin had taken over control of the Ipod with a quiet promise that he could construct a playlist more fitting of the moment than shuffle.
                So far he’d done a good job even if she didn’t recognize most of the music. It came to her in bits and pieces of lyrics like listening to someone read a poem rather than reading it herself. And with her head pillowed on the arm she was sure had to be numb by now, each song was accompanied by the backbeat of his pulse.
                Occasionally he broke the verbal silence to sing segments of songs quietly. Those were the moments that she wanted to break her promise and open her eyes. Was he gazing off at his city stars or was he looking at her? It was never the full song he sang, only pieces.
                “If we’re lost don’t turn around. We’ll take our time to arrive, where we are.”
                She smiled at his latest burst of soft singing and this time she could feel Colin’s eyes on her. Suddenly she was embarrassed under the gaze she could feel but not see to acknowledge. Knowing she was bordering on Crayola red, she tilted her face down into his arm to hide the best she could without getting up.
                His singing slowed until he lost the song and then it stopped all together. After a still moment filled with only music and a pulse that she smiled to note sped up a little fingers swept gently at the hair that had fallen across her face, pushing it back.  The light fingertips lingered on her hair and she lifted her face, eyelids trembling as they tried to open against her control.
                Paige squeezed her lids tighter together as his finger tips brushed gently down her jaw to her chin. Her breath stopped for a beat when one finger brushed across her lips and his thumb stroked the underside of her chin.
                “There are no ceilings where we are. I could be anywhere as long as I'm with you,” he sang quietly.
                Paige had gotten so use to keeping her eyes closed but this was something else. She ached to open them. To see the eyes that she’d heard were green set in the face that, though described as beautiful, could never be enough to match what she already knew about him.
                Her breathing shook as his hand moved down to graze the pulse in her throat and then the dip in her collarbone.
                ‘Passion's strength should nerve my arm, /Its ardour stir my life.’ She struggled to recall the word order of the poem under the touch of his fingers. Finally she brought her own hand up to touch his face but it was intercepted by his and he twined their fingers together.
                In that moment of stillness Paige struggled not to lean into him but it shattered when she could feel him lean forward and she was once again dying to open her eyes and see his own so close. To witness them flutter shut.
                His singing turned husky before it cut off once more and his shallow breaths mingled with her trembling ones. The heat from his lips kissed hers. Their hands tightened and she could feel the inch of space dwindle slowly.
                Colin jerked abruptly back, yanking his hand away from hers. The headphones pulled out of both of their ears. By the time Paige’s eyes snapped open Colin was halfway up the stairs with his back to her already. Dear Lord he was fast.
                “Paige Elaine!” her dad’s voice yelled from inside the apartment again.
                Muttering angrily, she collected her Ipod and phone and threw the window open. She shoved her head through the curtains. “What?”

I can't wait to read the other No Kiss posts! My lists will be up tomorrow or later tonight.



  1. Great description and imagery here. The moment is perfectly extended without being too long.

  2. Oh parents! Always interupting what is about to become a wonderful kiss! Nicely done and so glad you could participate!

  3. I loved this. So. Much. And I completely echo what Frankie said about parents!!

  4. The lyrics intermittent in there were soooo pretty. Loved it!

  5. Thank you for this scene. Not only was it written awesomely, but you've turned me on to a new song and group.

  6. Dads will be dads. And now the iPod has become the modern day mixtape (if you don't know what that is, don't ask, it's a tad embarrassing.)

  7. Thank you everyone! Your compliments mean the world. I'm so pleased to be listed among the other participants!

  8. I really enjoyed this, that she was keeping her eyes firmly shut so her other senses were heightened.

    I would really like it if your blog background wasn't transparent, though... I nearly gave up several times trying to read white text over the yellow spots... very hard on the eyes.

  9. Thanks for the input! I only just changed it last night and wasn't sure how I liked it.