Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Massively Epic Debut Author Challenge!

I kept hearing about this Debut Author Challenge and sort of waved it off. Well, tonight I looked into it more and I absolutely love the idea.

The challenge is being held by The Story Siren. Information is at the link. The basic idea is that you challenge yourself to read at least twelve debut novels from Y-A and middle grade novelists this year. My biggest fear was that I wasn't sure how to find the debut authors. I didn't need to fear they even have a list.

Since it is my first year I'm only going to do the minimum number, twelve. If I read more, I'm all for it if not, I can't be too disappointed in myself.

I recommend checking it out if anyone wants to find some new authors they might like. I'll also post a list of books I'm hoping to read when I organize myself a little since I just now decided to do it.

Ta for now, lovelies.


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