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Both the Epic New Rating System and My Hunger Games Movie Opinion

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So, I've had the new rating system done for quite a while but first I had planned to redo the layout and such of the blog before I put the post up. Then I couldn't decide on a layout. Then I decided that I was going to wait until I finished Where Things Come Back and but it up then. But I told myself I was not allowed to read that until I finished editing chapters 1-3. But chapters 1-3 don't need to be edited...they need to be rewritten and it's taking a bit of time. So I'm just going to put it up.

With the added bonus of my opinion of The Hunger Games movie. I mean, come on, how could I not fangirl?

First thing's first: The Rating System.

I like multiples of three. I also like things that have a center. This doesn't always work so, unless I did a rating system of nine, I had to choose. Six didn't work, so we've fallen back on the standard five.

Instead of taking up the whole post here is a link to the handy page I made! (You can also click the rating graphic (That I put up when I was supposed to put the post up))

Epic Rating System!

And now!

How could I not talk about it?

I loved the movie. It was the most faithful adaptation of a book since the first Harry Potter. There were, of course, things that had to be cut out but the feeling and the spirit of the series was so well captured that I left in awe both times I saw it.

Jennifer Lawrence was so beautifully cast that it was almost startling to see my mental Katniss on the screen so absolutely. The trembling before she entered the arena, her facial expressions, the way she carried herself was all so wonderfully rendered. I trembled and looked terrified with her. Josh Hutcherson surprised me as Peeta. He was wonderful, charming, and humble. Elizabeth Banks was fantastic as Effie. Even Wes Bentley, who had a bigger role than in the book, came off wonderfully as his naive but clever Capitol citizen.

Another notable supporting moment is Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove, screaming for Cato when Thresh has her. There's so much hope in that scream. It shows just how much she hoped they could both go home and made me wonder how it would have ended if she and Cato had to go against each other as the last two.

Admittedly, the only casting choice I was not completely sold on was Lenny Kravitz. I always imagined Cinna was a quiet strength and complete faith in Katniss. Movie Cinna came off flat rather than soft-spoken. But he wasn't enough to detract from the movie.

The things that were cut I felt were for either rating reasons or to highlight the violence. Many of the dynamic scenes between Katniss and Peeta were either condensed or made equally as wonderful but in a much more understated sort of way. I feel like by making these scenes less dynamic they made the less graphic violence stronger.

I know there was talk of cutting back the triangle aspect so that was probably a factor as well. I, like many others, were really looking forward to the scene where Katniss yells Peeta's name. It is this moment of abandon where she forgets her survival in favor of her hope, something she often does in the series where Peeta is concerned, that I wanted. Her hunting him down is lovely but not as dynamic as in the book. Equally, I like the braid touch but still sort of wanted the back to back stance with the Nightlock. It's a more memorable image. This is the same for all of the interview scenes at the end.

The other scene I was a little saddened wasn't there was the scene after they are lifted from the arena at the end. Katniss is screaming Peeta's name and Peeta is dying. They had Peeta's leg healed rather than just the blood poisoning in the movie. I missed this scene because this is the first real look at just how damaged the Games have left Katniss. She doesn't immediately recognize that it's not part of the Games. She is still holding on to him, willing to die for him. However, I see where it could have been a scene that was cut.

Over all, I LOVED it. It's such a beautiful movie. I had issues with my audience like many others. Talking, and most disturbingly, clapping. I enjoyed the movie because I love the story and the violence within it was fantastically rendered for a story that is more about the aftermath and effect of violence rather than the blood of it. But I was struck by the clapping. We watched one teen murder another and they clapped.

Perhaps we're not too far off from Panem, after all.

What did you lovelies think? Love it? Wince the entire time?

I'll have an update soon. I'm not sure I can wait much longer for Where Things Come Back.


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