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Another Non-Epic Reading List Book Update: Insurgent.

There were will be spoilers. I can't help it. I guess if Black Heart was 5.5 on the reading list then I suppose Insurgent is 9.5.

But that is not the point.  Let us get to the point. The point with probable SPOILERS!
I'm still reeling. Just like Divergent I can't get the book out of my head. I want to immediately reread Divergent straight through to Insurgent all over again. (I think that will be my gift to myself for finishing the current reading list)

Insurgent is wonderful. She took everything I loved about Divergent and threw in some broken glass. It's the same characters I fell madly in love with shattered beyond repair and forced to keep going.

Roth does not push Tris to the breaking point in Insurgent. Oh no, Tris is thrown threw the plate glass wall of her breaking point. She goes well past breaking. Tris is completely and utterly decimated in Insurgent. It is completely and utterly fascinating to see how Tris copes with the events of Divergent. One of the things I mentioned in my Divergent review was my desire to see how she copes. A huge part of Insurgent is how Tris copes. And as readers we get to watch it build and build and build. She seems bad at the start but it only gets so much worse. But it's not a sudden shift she gradually fractures more and more until she falls apart.

Throughout the whole book she's so conflicted and it's never about one thing. As soon as one thing gets sorted there's something else. Tris is brave but she's still human and Roth makes damn sure that we know that.

One of my favorite things about Insurgent was, of course, how Tris and Tobias interacted. It is so easy to fall into Tris' head and follow along with her actions without question. She was hurting, yes, but I understood exactly why she was doing what she was doing. Why she was reckless. The choices she made made sense to me. And then Tobias steps in and tells her that she has a death wish. I struggled at first with that, getting irritated with him. Tris did not! She was doing what needed to be done. She was being brave. But the more it came up the more I saw it. I started to realize just as Tris did.

They had some heartbreaking scenes. Tobias' "Who cares about everyone? What about me?" put a nice large crack in my heart that splintered out at Tris' "What did you do?" It completely shattered a bit later with her added: "I don't..."...."I can't...make it...that long." Veronica Roth executed each of those scenes so brilliantly.

Tris and Tobias have such a wonderful relationship. I think it is made all the better because he doesn't coddle her. He knows how strong she is even when she doesn't. The push each other. And it's made so much more realistic by how much they fight in this book. You don't always latch on to loved ones when you grieve, sometimes you push them away. They argue near constantly about how they are keeping secrets. It's fantastically done.

There is a tone of suspense throughout the whole book. (Seriously, I stopped to eat dinner and my leg jiggled the whole time. I needed to be done eating and reading. NEED.) It was all very palpably building to something and every moment mattered. It mattered because of what was being said or who she was with or whether she thought it was going to be her last moment. It all had significance. And laced through all this tension was the intense feeling of danger. It never once felt like they were safe. Even while they were with the factionless at the Eaton house Tris' distrust of Evelyn ruins any illusion of safety. The events of Divergent have even ruined the Dauntless compound. The whole book is spent in a wonderfully terrible uneasy suspense. /

I have surprised by how much I came to like Peter. He's not a very good character. At all. But his desire to always be even with everyone reminds me a little of Katniss. His sarcasm throughout the whole thing made me chuckle. Especially his "Don't say I never took you anywhere nice." He just grew on me even without being totally likeable. I knew he was up to something but I, admittedly, didn't see it as related to what was happening in the Amity compound. Mostly because, while I remembered, it happened and was over do fast it just didn't occur to me.

I didn't see Caleb's treachery coming. When Tris went back and thought about it I saw it too but I hadn't expected it. I'm still not sure what all Caleb knew. I'd been taken in by him. But again I, like Tris, was more wrapped up in her own shattering and trying to stumble through what was happening. It's just insane to think that his deception extends as far back as Divergent.

I knew the factionless were going to be involved I just didn't realize the scale and was again surprised by their leader. I also somehow didn't expect Edward to be unhinged.

I was head over heels in love with this book. Until the last two pages. It's not that I didn't like them. It just completely blind sided me. It's a really delicate twist. I'm not sure how I feel about it and I don't think I'm going to know until the third book is out. Veronica Roth has set up the third book to make or break the series which is horribly nerve wracking when it's a series you love so much. But I have faith in her. I adore both Divergent and Insurgent so much that I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I'll stop gushing. Maybe they'll be more later after I reread.

Obviously my overall rating is: Beyond Epic.

I cannot wait for book three...even though it will be the end and that's heartbreaking on its own.

Now I'll start Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Choice.

I posted them rather late last night so do check out my posts on both Marissa Meyer's Cinder and my Music Monday post.

Until later, loves.


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