Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday 5/2

 Weigh in Wednesday is a new meme started over at Epilogue. It presents us with two options about which we, wait for it, weigh in.

This week: E-Book vs. Print Book

Call me a traditionalist but I'm a print book all the way type of girl. Admittedly I haven't read a whole book in  e-book. I love ink and paper, the smell, the weight, the sound of the pages brushing, the whole bit. It's a thing. It feels more personal to me somehow. If I traveled a lot it might be one thing but I don't so I have no real need for an e-reader. I think part of my ink and paper love for books comes from how much on computer writing I do. After a little while it starts to hurt eyes. Writing for long term on a screen is enough. Doing all of my reading on one as well would be too much.

How about you ducks? Paper or digital?


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  1. I love print book, but I am IN love with my Kindle, lol.

    MY WIW