Monday, July 23, 2012

An Epic non-reading list update: The Lover's Dictionary

I heard about The Lover's Dictionary when it came out. It sounded interesting but I didn't actively pursue it. It got knocked to the wayside as these things often do and I didn't think much about it anymore. Then when I did I couldn't find a copy without ordering it and that seemed like such a hassle.

Then I borrowed a Nook from work and after the two Nordic Fairy novellas this was, rather oddly, the first book that popped into my head. So I downloaded it.

And fell madly in love with it.

The Lover's Dictionary
is raw emotion put into words. (I talk a little about this in this week's Music Monday so it may get a little repetitive.) I was drowning in it and loving every second. David Levithan has a way of putting big sweeping emotions into words with such feeling that you can't help being sucked in.

I had to return the Nook so I don't have the book anymore, which is a little disappointing because I'd love to quote it.

It's so easy to be sucked into this story because it covers such a wide range of these base universal feelings. Insecurity and awkwardness and love. I left me kind of in awe. They're presented in such an earnest way. I knew exactly what the narrator meant and understood how he felt throughout.

I felt a connection to the narrator what I haven't really had before. It's not something like we have similar tendencies or the same habit it comes down to us thinking and feeling things similarly. It's the way we react to emotional interaction and our discomfort in social situations. He reacts the way that I react. I didn't feel like I wanted to be the narrator I sort of felt like if I was in this situation I would have done everything the narrator does. He's such a universal character.

Not only that I was in a little awe of the format. I was skeptical at first but it worked so well. The words were some really oddly chosen ones but they ended up being perfect for the situation. If each of the entries had been too long it would have been tiring. If they were too short it wouldn't have been
cohesive enough. But the varying lengths were perfect. The shorter ones packed a punch and the longer ones were poetic. They were funny and heart breaking and true.

This is the sort of writing that made me wish I was heartbroken. I wanted to feel betrayed so I could burrow down into the text and hide. I wanted to be insecure in a relationship so I could find comfort in him and his situation. I longed to be in this text. I wanted to hide in it. It was so perfect and so true.

That's why I gave The Lover's Dictionary a rating of: Beyond Epic.

David Levithan hooked her hard and fast. I will now order this book.

Until next time, lovelies.


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