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Music Monday 7/16

Music Monday

It's really no shock to anyone that music is an important part of writing to many authors. Many post playlists for their novels and, as a reader, I enjoy listening to them and trying to figure out how the songs fit. It can be tone or lyrics.

But sometimes a random song strikes me as something that relates to a book. There could be just one lyric that fits with a story or character relationship. But somehow the song always reminds me of the story. So that's what these posts are going to be about.

Music Monday - July 16th: "About A Burning Fire" by Blindside - Johnathan/Sebastian (Sebonthan) from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

I was about to take a break from Music Monday. I've been busy and a little worn down and maybe a little uninspired but then I heard this song and immediately thought of Sebonathan. It's a little bit harder than anything we've done yet but I think that fits him.

I know the lyrics are hard to understand but I think it works.

"I thought about fire in the sky. I thought about fire. I thought about love burning in your eye. I thought about fire."
Okay, so I may be influenced by the book trailer and Sebonathan's 'burn down the world' line. But I think in that book that he believes he understands what love is. But I think he sees it more as a completion of himself. Clary is his family, a part of him. They should want the same thing. what works in this opening bit of lyric is the preoccupation with fire. The love is sort of secondary, something to go along with the destruction.

"It hurts. That drops of fire would fall so precise. And how everything else would lose its meaning. What a beautiful. What a painful surprise. There is no peace outside if there is nothing within. It hurts. But like coming home. Once dried up. I guess this is what you get when a heart expands."

This is a bit of the sting of Clary's rejection. The observation about pain is almost clinical. There's something about the short lines that gives it that sort of feel. He saw Clary as his last chance to have a family (in his own twisted sort of way). I like the "coming home" part because I think the bite of her rejection (whether he feels it that way or not is arguable) reminds him of Valentine's lessons. To love is to destroy and he reached out to her and her rejection destroyed his idea, took him back to Valentine in a way.

"Love is destructive For the ego. And your voice is the only thing That speaks rebelliously in this world of claiming your own. There is no peace outside if there's nothing within. Love is addictive For the spirit And your voice whispers with a roar. That fire rises up, refills. Place the right king on the throne."

First line is kind of obvious. It's a bit telling that this verse starts of with the realization of love being destructive and morphs into rebellion and then back into fire. It all comes back to that fire.

I know the lyrics aren't perfect for this one but there is something so destructive about this song that has the same sort of feel as Sebonathan.

I checked lyrics at AZ Lyrics
The video is here.
Sebonathan belongs to Cassandra Clare
The song belongs to the intense Blindside.

I'll admit I haven't even started Across the Universe yet. I'm moving to Boston in a little under a month and have been a bit busy. I'm also working on a couple of other posts.
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