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Music Monday 7/2

I am failing as a blogger.  I'm working on it, I swear! But I've been failing at everything, not just this. I work and come home and fall asleep in front of the computer.

Music Monday

It's really no shock to anyone that music is an important part of writing to many authors. Many post playlists for their novels and, as a reader, I enjoy listening to them and trying to figure out how the songs fit. It can be tone or lyrics.

But sometimes a random song strikes me as something that relates to a book. There could be just one lyric that fits with a story or character relationship. But somehow the song always reminds me of the story.

Music Monday - July 2nd: "My Beautiful Rescue" by This Providence - Tris and Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth 

This was the song I had planned on doing when I chose the Alanna one instead. So, it's another This Providence song. The first time I heard this song after I read Insurgent I was on my way to work my head snapped over to stare at my radio so fast my neck cracked.

"I've been jumping from the tops of buildings for the thrill of the fall. Ignoring sound advice and any thought of consequence. My bones are shattered. My pride is shattered. And in the midst of this self-inflicted pain I can see my beautiful rescue."

I heard this part and thought instantly of Tris in Insurgent. She starts to do these reckless things as a way of atonement for her actions the night of the simulation. I'm not sure she realizes that's why and I don't think Four does either. But she does these things and gets that thrill for being the one who is acting, the one, she feels, that can put a stop to the things that are happening. She's a little lost and a little broken after the events of Divergent but she's struggling to make it right and she thinks the reckless actions are the best way to do it.

"I'm falling more in love with every single word I withhold. I'm falling more in love with every single word you say. I'm falling head-over-heels for you."

Here's where we switch over and look a little more at Four. This is how I see him seeing Tris in Divergent. He's instantly drawn to her but can't and won't say anything. Her every action and stubborn, selfless outburst reminds him of why he is in love with her.

"I've been dancing on the tops of buildings. At the top of my lungs I'm singing you a song. Don't you leave me alone. My bones were shattered. My pride lays shattered. Well I'll trample my pride and tell the whole world to dance with me."
This shows how they start feeling toward the end of Divergent. They are in love and they don't care who knows or what it means. The past tense in the first line suggests how the dancing is over. They don't really have the time for frivolity anymore. They've come to rely on each other and need one another to back them up. Four is helping put Tris back together but it can't be done without a price.

There's the obvious lines about jumping from the tops of buildings but more than that there's something in this song that mirrors the way Tris and Four are in their more tender moments. It's not a full image of their relationship but in their quiet moments this is how they are.

Any other Tris and Four songs? Do you think this song is just way off the mark?

I checked lyrics at MetroLyrics
The video is here.
Tris and Four belong to Veronica Roth.
The song belongs to the wonderful This Providence.


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