Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday 7/23

Hokay, so we're doing something a little bit different again. In my usual Music Monday introduction I talk a bit about (and when I say that I mean, I mention) that tone can connect a song to a book as well. That's what I want to talk about today.

I recently read David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary (there's a post on it coming, I swear). I absolutely adored it. It's pretty much raw emotion in word form. There's something that is so utterly revealing about it. It left me with this odd sort of feeling somewhere between an ache and a longing. I almost wanted to be heartbroken and betrayed when I read it so I could dig myself down into the text and hide.

Anyway, shortly after I finished it I was listening to music (working on my Meg Cabot post) when I realized that the song I was listening to was giving me the same feeling as The Lover's Dictionary, or maybe just heightening it. Regardless, it got me thinking about songs that just have feelings attached and how books can do that too. Here we are.

The song I was listening to was "Promises and Empty Words" by Scars on 45.

The lyrics weren't quite a match but the tone was so perfect. I wanted to burrow down into this song just like I wanted to the book. I think I even tweeted about them being perfect companions to each other. Scars on 45 have a couple of songs that fit really well with this sort of tone ("Heart on Fire" is another good one). They are the kind of songs that make you want to hurt, but not in a bad way... (I do realize how bad that sounds). It's a sort of feeling that can't exactly be pinned down by finding a specific quote but just comes from the whole thing over all.

Especially in "Heart on Fire" there's this uncertainty to it that fits so well with the narrator of The Lover's Dictionary. They both connect on this wonderful level because who hasn't felt uncertain about a relationship?

I think part of the reason why these songs and books make you want to feel the same way is because they always have this touch of universal truth to them. The uncertainty is big in The Lover's Dictionary and it connects on a base level. You feel a little bit connected anyway and I think being connected is something everyone wants, whether they admit it or not.

I'm having a hard time really explaining what I mean but I think it's so hard to do something like a feeling or universal truth justice. It's a little bit different for everyone. So maybe this post won't make sense to anyone but me.

Anyway, there's our Music Monday this week. It's a bit different. A little mixed up and confusing but there it is.

What do you think? Are there any books or songs that just give you a feeling? A base emotion? A tone?


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