Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday 7/30

Music Monday

It's really no shock to anyone that music is an important part of writing to many authors. Many post playlists for their novels and, as a reader, I enjoy listening to them and trying to figure out how the songs fit. It can be tone or lyrics.

But sometimes a random song strikes me as something that relates to a book. There could be just one lyric that fits with a story or character relationship. But somehow the song always reminds me of the story. So that's what these posts are going to be about.

Music Monday - July 30th: "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum - Perry and Aria from Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

I think everyone and their cousin's brother is sick of this song. I don't listen to the radio much so I'm still good with it.

I also think it's easier for me to do this when it's a book I've read recently. Which is kind of a duh! thought.

Anyway we play this song at work and I heard it while I was quietly dipping pretzels in chocolate and got excited. It reminded me of Perry and Aria in the mid stage of the book.

"Lyin' here with you so close to me, it's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe. Caught up in this moment. Caught up in your smile."

This is sort of how I saw Perry and Aria together. Before they even realize it themselves they are noticing each other in different ways. It's like they're more aware of one another, caught up in one another. I also thought of Aria thinking of Perry's unguarded smile.

"I've never opened up to anyone. So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms. We don't need to rush this. Let's just take it slow."

This part is way more Perry than Aria. He's not exactly pure but he also never really felt for the others what he does for Aria. He hadn't exactly planned to rush into things with her, knowing that she was different. He wants to go at a pace she's okay with. Not that they don't get there...

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight. Just a touch of the fire burning so bright. No I don't want to mess this thing up. I don't want to push too far."

A little more of the same. They are okay just being around one another for a while there. Neither is sure whether it's okay to push things further. Perry not sure with her being an "mole" and Aria knowing that he should be with another scire. But they do sort of burn together.

There was just something about this song that seemed very them. The hesitance and strong desire they have for each other is evident through this entire song.

There you have it. 'Just a Kiss' with Aria and Perry!

Perry and Aria belong to Veronica Rossi! She's wonderful!

In other news I finished the first draft of my next novel! I went to Kinkos (Thanks John Corey Whaley for the idea) and got it printed and spiral bound! So excited to finish editing it! Huzzah!

Anyway! Until later!


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