Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Monday 7/9

So, I could have had this up by midnight but then my sister and I got really into the Crush Tournament. I mean, it was so close! But Huzzah! Sam Roth won! Anyway, I then decided to ignore the post that I had (pretty much done) and do a different one, in honor of Sam's victory.

Music Monday

It's really no shock to anyone that music is an important part of writing to many authors. Many post playlists for their novels and, as a reader, I enjoy listening to them and trying to figure out how the songs fit. It can be tone or lyrics.

But sometimes a random song strikes me as something that relates to a book. There could be just one lyric that fits with a story or character relationship. But somehow the song always reminds me of the story. So that's what these posts are going to be about.

Music Monday - July10th: "If You Ever Did Believe" by Stevie Nicks - Sam Roth and Grace Brisbane from The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater.

Before I had ever started doing Music Monday I left a desktop post-it on my computer that said "'If You Ever Did Believe' -- Sam and Grace." Now, I have so many desktop post-its that it barely matters anymore but I do remember that one. And this song is so very Sam and Grace.

"You've left me now And it's seasoned my soul And with every step you take I watch another part of you go. I continue to build a wall. You were so strong I fell to my knees. And I don't think I can handle this at all."This part strikes me as particularly Sam after Grace turns into a wolf at the end of Linger. He is pretty much broken. He makes bread and works and hates every second of counting down until it might be warm enough for Grace to be Grace again. He falls apart, totally and completely.

"One more night I'd like to lie and hold you. Yes and feel. To make you smile I'd like to be there for you. Have you forgotten me? And the days go by, Doing nothing about them. How much time Will I have to spend?"This particular section works for either Sam or Grace, waiting for the other to return to their human forms. It hits me as a Grace-heavy part of the lyrics because I feel like she always feels a little bit more like she needs to be Sam's strength. She had her parental issues but they're not half so great and soul shattering as Sam's. They are each others support. "My mind won't rest And I don't sleep, Not even in my dreams. If you ever did believe For my sake. If you ever did believe."

Sam after Grace's transformations back and forth and Grace after injecting Sam with the meningitis. They sit up and wait for the return of the other. They're not even sure how much they believe in the "cures" and what will happen but they do want to believe in one another.

I love this song and these books and these characters. The song just feels like a Sam and Grace song. It doesn't have the sort of musical feel like "Golden Days" does but the lyrics are perfect.

Anymore Sam and Grace songs?

I jacked the lyrics from Metro Lyrics
I kidnapped the video from here. Stevie Nicks is awesome...she's Stevie Nicks...and the song is from "Practical Magic" so it gets extra cool points.
Sam and Grace belong to Maggie Stiefvater.
I don't own any of it and meant no copyright infringement. I just like music and books, especially together.


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