Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading Update: Size Twelve is Not Fat

It feels really odd not to start with a list or anything. But I don't have one which I find equally as odd.

Let's go.

Size 12 is Not Fat took me quite a while to get into. It's not my typical book and I struggled switching mindsets. Heather is not my typical heroine.

What I learned about it is that it was much better if I read as much of it at once as possible. It took me a little bit of time to get into it each time I sat down to read it so reading as much together as I could worked better for me. I enjoyed more of it that way. Unfortunately it took me a while to figure that out.

It took most of the book before I started to like Heather. She's a bit whinier than the ones I usually like but after a while she grew on me. Her mindset was never really one that I was in but after a bit I came to enjoy her as a character that I didn't relate to so much. Once I got over my initial reaction of being off-put I found her funny. She was so honest and so real that I couldn't help but like her. She is so weak and so strong and just generally entertaining. I wouldn't exactly say that I want to be just like her or anything but we could be friends. I'll bring the Kit Kat Bars.

Cooper is fun. I like that, while I can guess at the nature of his feelings for Heather that she doesn't see it so we don't get to see the full extent of it. I love how casual her thoughts about removing his clothes with her teeth. I find his practicality attractive and his protective streak wonderful. He's entertaining.

I enjoyed the plot. It was a well crafted mystery that didn't play too heavy with the characters. Things developed nicely and believably, for the most part. The interactions between the characters furthered things nicely. I wasn't distracted by guessing what was going on because Heather's narration was so funny but I wasn't disinterested in the plot either. It all balanced very well.

There were times when some of her comments got a tad repetitive. This bothered me most in the beginning of the book before I got into it. The size twelve is the size of the average American woman line was over used in the beginning and could have been spread a little better because it got exhausting.  After a while I stopped rolling my eyes but I think I did mentally skip things a couple of times. I also couldn't help but wonder why the coroner didn't recognize taser marks. Maybe I'm tainted by TV shows...

Overall I thought the book was light fluff reading. It wasn't too heavy but had a good plot. The characters reactions in the situations were all perfectly attuned to the characters. That was very well done. I don't have terribly much to say. It was a quick easy read. I'll definitely pick up the next one to see what other ridiculousness Heather will stumble into.

I give Size 12 is Not Fat a rating of: Epic.

Next I think I'll check out Beth Revis' Across the Universe.  Until then, ducks.


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