Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Free-for-all Reading: Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Considering I thought the last book was cute but not amazing I was surprisingly excited to start Size 14 is Not Fat Either. I didn't read it for a little while, admittedly and then I rushed through it. I really liked it.

The 'she's not fat' message wasn't hammered into my head in any obvious fashion. I was just entertained without being preached at.

I found Heather to be far more likable this time around. She wasn't half to whiny and that showed awesome character growth between the two books. I think I felt like I had more in common with her this time. Her conflict at not getting involved and wanting to help was awesomely done. It was awesome how she started doing things before she even realized it. She was witty and funny and darling this time around.

I warmed up a little more to Cooper too. He was funny, charming, and showing more obvious affection for Heather. The way he handled Gavin was wonderful. I can't wait until things get a little more heated between he and Heather.

Gavin and Heather interacting was so funny. He's so smitten with her that it's just so cute. I think it's even better because she has no idea what's going on or how to handle it. Jordan is so absurd that I have to laugh at him. He has such a ridiculous innocence.

The addition of her dad had it's entertaining moments but wasn't my favorite plot device. He was funny in places, distracting in others. I'm interested to see what she's going to do with him now that he's there.

One of the best things about this book was that she never really tried to disguise what was going on. We were pretty sure we knew who it was early and we were right but it was some of the details that made the mystery worth reading. It's delightful to see how well the characters interact with the plot in this book. They really work together. Sometimes it's hard to see characters doing what the writer says they are but this is not a problem here. The plot wouldn't have worked with a character less bumbling than Heather. But she still sees what other people don't.

This book was still an easy fluff read. But I like fluff books sometimes.

I found this installment to have a little less social commentary (or maybe more subtle commentary) and a lot more heart. I look forward to reading the next one.

Overall: Epic.

I'm about to start Jennifer Armentrout's much loved Obsidian.

Until next time, ducks!


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