Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reading Free For All: Obsidian

So, of course I had to see what was up with all the hype surrounding Jennifer Armentrout's Obsidian. Now this may not be a popular opinion given all the stigma surrounding one of these books but as I was reading Obsidian struck me as Twilight meets I Am Number Four meets 'Roswell.' I think it had the best parts of all of these. Just enough engrossing material from each to be wonderfully entertaining.

Kat is fierce and stubborn and delightful. Her stubbornness gets her into just enough trouble to be convincing. She goes into situations that she knows will get her in trouble, ie. Simon, when she tried to prove a point and it ends badly. She's insecure without taking it far enough to make her seem weak. There are times she's absolutely hysterical and others that you are so entirely embarrassed for her. I really enjoyed reading through her. Her language is absolutely wonderful in a lot of places. The thoughts that run through her head are too perfect and true.

Daemon. Oh, Daemon is everything I heard about. Wonderful. I spent a hefty chunk of time with appreciative eyebrows raised. Jennifer Armentrout gets definite points for Daemon. His slow sarcasm is just perfect. He's the perfect balance of confused sincerity and sarcasm. He seems genuinely confused by Katy and I find that entertaining. He's so careful but at the same times acts without thinking so many times that I love it. He's just jerky enough to make you want to hate him at times but you just can't. And of damn.

I hope to see more of Adam in the next book. He was interesting in his quiet knowledge. I also want to see Dee strike out on her own a little more. I love her life and passion. She wants so much more than she has and I think she's got enough energy to go for it. I'd also like to know more about Dawson (I do know about Shadows) because there's obviously something else going on there.

Daemon's hot and cold attitude was very reminiscent of Edward in Twilight and the car incident had some echos. The two friends, one blatantly interested and the other more reserved had a little similarities too. Separate these are not particularly note worthy but all together they struck me. Once again I realize I might be tarred and feathered for this.

The Arum hunting them down for their abilities is where I got the I Am Number Four impressions. It's not a bad and not all that uncommon of a plot device. But I enjoyed the way it was handled in Obsidian. Daemon is powerful but not invulnerable. He needs help and that vulnerability takes him a little further than a lot of book male leads because it's not necessarily an out numbered thing.

My first complaint is a personal preference that I apparently feel very strongly about. I cannot stand the phrase (or word I suppose) awesomesauce. Cannot. I loathe it. I cringe every time I see it used. When it appeared I was instantly snapped out of what was going on to have fits of mental anguish. I feel the same about Amazeballs. I just can't even...

My other issue lies in the mentions of Katy's book blogging. Obviously I have no issues with the practice but something about the mentions just struck me as a ficy. I do realize how odd that sounds and I do think that it's awesome that book blogging gets a little recognition. I think it was the specific mentions of the posts that jarred me a little bit. I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe it was too much of a "look I know all about these posts" sort of thing. I don't know for certain but it just hit me a little wrong.

Overall I enjoyed Obsidian. I'm not going to say that it was the best book I've ever read but Daemon might be one of the hottest fictional guys I've read. I was halfway through with the book when I ordered Onyx so I've been sucked in. I'm really interested to see where she takes the story from here. I do sort of wish that I hadn't read the chapters from Daemon's point of view though. They were wonderful, don't get me wrong, any chance to swoon over him I'll take, but I liked the lack of clarity in his motives that I got from Obsidian by itself and the chapters took some of that away.

Overall I give it a rating of Massively Epic.*

I really enjoyed it but I wasn't as achingly itching to read it as I am with some books. I am looking forward to the arrival of Onyx, however.

And once again, hot damn can that woman write a make-out scene.

*Rating altered to reflect my Books That Linger post.

Next I'm going to start Diana Peterfreund's For Darkness Shows the Stars, which I'm pretty excited about.

Until next time, my ducks.


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