Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesdays: Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started over at The Broke and the Bookish where they give us a topic and we give out top ten. This is my first go at it, so let's see if I stick with it!

This week it's Bookish confessions.

1. My shelves are organized. It doesn't look like it to the outside observer but they are. It's a special Amy organization. I can find everything but no one else can. This is at least until I have to start stacking them oddly to make more fit. Then it gets a little bit questionable.

2. If things aren't looking good for a character or relationship that I'm really fond of, say if they might be dead or they are separated or something I skim ahead until I see who ever's name to check on them.

3. I won't review or rate a book on Goodreads unless I've read it recently. I'm too much of an emotion based/ reader response reader to do ones that I read a while ago.

4. I honestly enjoy Twilight. I find it entertaining. I think the movies sucked most of the humor out it. No, I don't idolize Bella. I am charmed by Edward but I don't think he's perfect. I even like Jasper better. I don't think they're the best written thing ever but I enjoy them and I wasn't all that impressed with Breaking Dawn.

5. I spoiled The Hunger Games for myself. I was curious about the series after I read the first one. I wasn't sure where she was going to go. I also heard a lot of mixed thing and gross generalizations about the end. I spoiled myself via Pintrest and the Hunger Games Wiki.

6. I am incredibly susceptible to who wrote the blurbs on a book jacket. If it's from someone like Cassandra Clare or Holly Black I'm a total goner. I have to buy it.

7. I get irrationally irritated when people summarize books for me. I'd much rather read the summary myself. It's one thing when they give you a brief one to two sentence thing to get you to read it and a completely different one when they give you a six page outline.

8. I tend to judge Contemporary YA harder than genre YA. I had grown too used to reading the same thing said in eight different ways, or way too dramatically in school. The genre books were the ones I read for fun so I tended to go into those with an open mind and an overly critical one for contemporary. I've gotten much better but it's still a struggle sometimes.

9. I am a character reader and writer. So sometimes, when there's awesome character interaction in a book I skim the description around it because I just want to get back to the characters talking.

10. Similar to number six. I am horribly influenced by Twitter. If I read a lot about a book by other book reviewers or other people who tend to be involved with books I immediately add it to the to-buy list. I have to have it. Or if they compare it to a book I love I also have to get it. I've found some amazing books that way but gone into others with expectations that were too high.

And there you have it. My ten bookish confessions.

What are your bookish quirks?



  1. I organize my bookshelves in a way only I understand as well and I read for the characters as well and often skim the description.

  2. I am so interested in your organization style! I have my categorized into adult fiction, YA fiction and then Non-fiction (then further divided into travelogues, memoirs and general non-fiction) and then each category is in alphabetical order by the author's last name. It feels pretty boring and standard :P

  3. I do a similar thing to point 9 - sometimes I skip to the next dialogue section and then go back and read the description inbetween.

  4. I sometimes look ahead in books too, especially if the suspense is getting too much for me.

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