Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Absolutely Epic Onyx

So, I loved Onyx. I heard that if you liked Obsidian you'd love Onyx. That it was Obsidian but much better. I agree. Obsidian was one of my books that lingered. I loved it the more I thought about it. I just loved Onyx.

So much happens in this book. By the end, Katy's illness seemed like it happened a book or more ago. Armentrout didn't waste any page space with Onyx. Event after event happens and they all connect so easily and naturally. It's a wonderful progression.

Katy grew on me even more in this one. She was stubborn and fierce and I could see why she made the decisions that she did. Even while I was frustrated with her for not understanding her feelings for Daemon I could see why she didn't want to acknowledge them. There is just something so normal and relateable about Katy in a way that few authors can really pull off.

And Daemon...oh Daemon. I can't even say anything else. He's just...damn... He's wonderful. He gets angry with Katy and he's fiercely protective and everything he does is so loaded with passion and emotion. I fell pretty hard for him in Onyx.

The dynamic between Katy and Daemon is even more wonderful this time around. It's all the snark I loved from the first one but with more swooning. She is just as biting and he is just as smug. But there's more than just that intense physical attraction this time around. There's more of what we saw toward the end of Obsidian (naturally). But there's something about the relationship between Katy and Daemon in this one. Something about what they feel for each other that makes the chest ache a little. That incredible drive to protect someone, to be completely undone by them. Daemon is protective but lets her make her own decisions and she's willing to stand up for her decisions, right or wrong.

Also, when Katy said being with Blake was easy it was an honest to God struggle not to yell:

At first I thought that with so many suspicious new characters that they couldn't all be bad. There had to be one that isn't terrible. No. No. They're all terrible. I think this was a really good way of showing just how deep the trouble around out characters is. They're not paranoid, they're in trouble.
At the same time, the motives of the villains are also understandable. They were driven and sad. Will creeped me out more though. Will and Blake, the ones who could do the most damage physically and emotionally, were left alive so there's always the likelihood of a return.

I was startlingly upset by the loss of Adam. We didn't get to know him very well but it looked a little like Dee and Adam were going to be the one happy, easy couple and then Adam was gone. I would have liked to know him better. But I will say that his death was very well handled. The reactions and the guilt were superbly depicted.

There was a certain acceptance of Katy among the Luxen in Onyx that I think is really interesting. They all seemed to accept the fact that she is going to be around. The scene with her and Matthew was wonderful. It was nice, with everything else going on to see one obstacle dissolve. But with the death of Adam, I'm interested to see how much regresses, especially with Ash.

I never thought that Dawson was dead so I wasn't surprised by that. I was a little surprised that he turned up like he did. How he is going to fit into everything is a really interesting thing to consider. There's so much that can be done with him and I can't wait to see what direction he takes the story. I'd really like to see a Dawson and Bethany reunion.

I do have to say that the gaining powers after healing thing is very Roswell season three (I can't be the only one who watched that...). Only better, I think. It was handled very well. I am thoroughly impressed.

Over all I really loved Onyx. I'm so psyched for Opal now.

Rating: Massively Epic.

I kind of want to reread it but I'll push along for now.

Next I am going to dive into The Curiosities by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff.

Until then!


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