Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reading Free-For-All Update: The Evolution of Mara Dyer

There was spluttering involved in finishing this book. I need you to know that right off

I read this book in one sitting. Well, almost I had a bowl of cereal and made tea but I would have read while doing that too but my roommates were hanging out in the kitchen and I had to socialize.

I devoured this book. I loved this book. The Evolution of Mara Dyer was everything I could have hoped that it would be. Twisty, mysterious, hot as hell, and heartaching. Michelle Hodkin continues to cover all the bases with this one.

Also, spoilers.

Oh how I love Mara. She's so broken but she's not weak. There are a couple of times throughout the book where she called herself weak but she most certainly is not. It would be unbelievable to have no doubts when everyone around is doubting. She has the perfect balance of strong-willed insistence and panicked desperation. Mara is so convincing as a character because even though her situation isn't necessarily all that relatable her reactions and answers to things remain genuine. I kept reading and would think 'yeah, that's what I would do.' And she is so very snarky.

I know I talk a fair amount about characters with snark but I'm still amazed at the level of snark that Michelle Hodkin pulls off. It's not over the top and I've read books where I found the snark entertaining but too much. No one has a witty retort ready all of the time. There are times where one stammers and changes the subject. Mara does that. She is darkly comedic and dry in her wit and while it is usually on hand it does, on occasion, fail her.

Speaking of snark. Noah. I just...oh Noah. I have, what could potentially be considered, appalling amounts of love for Noah. I said in my previous post that he was fractured but not totally broken. Oh no, Noah is very broken but overwhelmingly so. Broken could easily have been all that he was but it's not so we get our Noah. the Noah that is so easy to love. In Evolution we see Noah's desperation out in force. And it hurts. He does everything that he can for Mara without giving in to her completely. He has his own sort of code and he stands by that. But at the same time he is desperate not to lose Mara. I want to marry Noah. I need a guy like Noah in my life.

Plus, oh dear God, he's sexy as hell. I mean honest to God sexy. That's not a word I use lightly. And congratulations Michelle Hodkin because that was the hottest scene I've ever read where they two characters barely touch. *fans self*

I am so excited that Jamie was back and that, from the way things seem, we'll be seeing more of him in the next book. He's wonderful. I don't think Daniel is going to end up dead or evil anymore (well, maybe dead but I don't think so) but I do think he is likely going to help Mara in the next one. They laid down some definite foundation for that. Mara's mom continues to frustrate me. I know she's doing what she thinks is best but I just want to shake her and yell at her for not listening. There's just something about her.

I also found Jude suitably creepy. I'm not sure how much of that was him and how much of that was orchestrated for him but he's still unsettling. A very small part of me understands him and why he could be so desperate for his sister back. Most of me is still just skeeved out by him.

The introduction of all of the ties to Mara's grandmother and Noah's mom intrigue me. I'm not sure where she's going to take the new integration of the past. So far, she has laid out a never of options and it could be any of these. Or none of them.

So far these books have been nothing that I've expected so I didn't even try to guess what was going to happen. Some bits I wasn't particularly surprised by but I didn't guess them. Others I was blindsided. With the reveal of the experiments and such I was strongly reminded of a darker, edgier, version of Melinda Metz's Fingerprints series. It's been a while since I read them but that's the same sort of thing. That didn't make me enjoy anything any less though.

Once again Hodkin does a marvelous job of making the reader, even though I trust Mara, doubt what's real. Things have been so carefully orchestrated that there are so many reasons and explanations for how some of these things could be delusions or fake. This book continues to play with your head in the same way that Unbecoming did.

I may be in denial (but I really don't think that I am), but I do not believe that Noah is dead. At all. But I hardcore love Mara's mental monologue at the end.

Overall I give The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin a rating of: Beyond Epic

I cannot wait until the third book comes out next fall. These books are masterfully clever, and witty, and well plotted, funny, and hot. Well worth the read for anyone who might want to pick up something a little bit different.

I'm not sure if I've just been picking up some fantastic books or if I am a softy. Regardless, everyone should read the Mara Dyer books.

Have any of you ducks finished it? What did you think?

Next I'll jumping into Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers. I'm really excited to eventually get into Finale and finish the Beautiful Creatures books but Barry Lyga is going to be at the Boston Book Festival and I've had this book for a while so it gets to be next.

Until then,


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