Friday, November 2, 2012

Reading Update and Some Stuff: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Let's start with the stuff:

NaNoWriMo has officially started and I am already a little bit behind, of course. So, I'm scrambling a little.

I got to check out the Boston Book Festival it was pretty cool. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the panels but it was still awesome to check things out.

And now...

I Hunt Killers.

I first heard of this book because Holly Black mentioned it on Twitter. It was her comment on the back that sold it. I agree with that comment completely. I only read it while I was at work. On breaks and when I was there early and such. And this is how I described it to everyone: "The most charmingly unsettling book I've ever read."

Jazz is charming and the writing is engrossing. I was totally taken in and could easily see myself being sweet talked by Jazz. And that frightens me a little.

This is a book that I enjoyed without being able to relate to it at all. That's sort of rare for me because it's usually that connection that I look for in books. Somehow this book worked so well for me because I couldn't relate to it. Jazz is just normal enough to make you comfortable until he says something about dismembering someone and then you're jarred out of your comfort zone. It's this back and forth that I think is so unsettling. It's just normal enough to be familiar. Lyga emphasizes this in his descriptions of how serial killers blend in.

I can't say that I really know how serial killers work mentally but there's something so perfect about Lyga's take on them. Somehow it makes perfect sense, not their logic, but the way they are portrayed. Fanatical and devoted. It's horrendously upsetting but at the same time you don't even consider putting the book down because you're so wrapped up in it.

The way that Billy raised Jazz is horrifying but incredibly interesting. I hate thinking too much on it in a real capacity but it's a really fascinating thing to consider. The random snippets, the things that Jazz blocked out drive the reader crazy along with Jazz. Just the thought of being raised to assess the weakness in people so immediately, to not being to touch anyone without thinking of the most efficient way to dispose of them with what is one hand is terrifying but Barry Lyga does a brilliant job.

My favorite relationship in this book is easily Jazz and Howie. They have this understanding between them without completely understanding one another. It's brilliant. They know exactly how one another is going to act and react. And making Howie a Hemophiliac is just inspired. The tattoo thing just makes me laugh. They are the perfect solution to the risk of the book being way too heavy. Though the scene between Billy and Jazz was just perfect. Billy knows just how to play Jazz and it's nice seeing Jazz knocked off his game a little.

I don't think that I initially knew that this book was the first in a series so I didn't really know what to expect in terms of how it was going to end and how connected or epic things were going to be. I had no idea of the scale. Having finished it I am glad that it's a series because there is so much that Barry Lyga can do and I look forward to seeing him do it.

I know this is a short review but this is what really struck me. Plus, I'm tired. Anyway...

Overall I Hunt Killers earns a rating of: Massively Epic

Catherynne Valente is going to be at my work on Monday. I am considering going to her speech and signing so next up is The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making. I am itching to read Finale and finish the Beautiful Creatures series but all in good time.

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