Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Awesomely Epic Asunder

So, I did my pre-release post a few days back and here's the full thing.

Most of the things that I was skeptical about in Incarnate are resolved in Asunder. It's not that Jodi Meadows explains everything away but it becomes more obvious why they weren't as important to notice and why others things were. The exposition is out of the way and we got to really jump into the story. It becomes very clear very early on that Incarnate was a lot of set-up and now the backlash is hitting.

Ana came so much into her own in Asunder. She is so much her own person and so strong after what she went through in Incarnate. It was so great to see her take care of Sam and to stand up. She really stops letting things happen to her and starts trying to act. This makes the residents of Heart uneasy and they start responding. In response to that, I think it's really awesome that Ana ignores a lot of it under Anid is born. She can take the harassment against herself but when another newsoul is in danger she acts.

Her reaction to discovering that she won't be reincarnated is perfect. That devastating moment where she realizes that she won't be able to rebuild the parlor with Sam and that Stef was right in all of the arguing. I think that hits the reader but not entirely. I can't wait to see how Meadows digs into that. I really want to see the moment that Sam finds out.

Her struggle with her feelings comes across more naturally this time around. I think a lot of that is that trying to decide if what you're feeling is love is something that anyone can experience, not just Ana. That's a really awesome way that Meadows sets up her up as someone the reader relates to, in addition to her age, I mean.

Asunder has made me realize how much I would love to see some stuff from Sam's perspective. He's very open about his feelings for Ana and I think that almost made me underestimate him a little in Incarnate. I loved the array of emotion he had but there wasn't as much conflict. Well, that conflict I wanted in him came to light in Asunder and Meadows did such a great job of depicting it. Sam tries so hard to be strong for Ana and support her and show her what love can be but it's not until Asunder that we really get to see what that does to him. And his brokenness of the destroyed instruments hurt me to read about. That was so much a part of him and I loved that it's music that wakes him back up. I think that really shows just how important it is to him.

I liked Stef in Incarnate. In Asunder I wanted to hit her. Hard. But I think one of the reasons that I felt so violently toward her is because she has a point, damn it! No, no, no. I don't like it when logic interferes with my fiction ships. Stop that right now! I really do feel for her and I understand where she's coming from but harsh truths sometimes upset me.

Okay, so I was most definitely not disappointed with how all of the Janan stuff played out. At all. It all comes together from all of the little things that have been brought up by the characters and then forgotten. And it's as horrifying as it was promised to be. I loved how upsetting and creepy and sinister it all is. And I really hope that Ana and Sam have the chance to have it out about his past decision to sacrifice the new souls. And what about Janan's warriors? What exactly happened to them? And how are they going to stop Soul Night? And why would Janan want to be alone in the world? So many questions!

Which sort of, in a round about way, brings me to Cris. I wanted more Cris. I sort of loved him and he didn't get nearly enough page time. His sacrifice was..oh! And I completely loved the moment beforehand where he says goodbye to Ana. And I thought that I had the sylph thing figured out and then Cris turns into one and I had a full on "What!" moment. Oh Sylph Cris. I like how complicated everything got with him and I would absolutely ADORE the chance to see some of this from his perspective. I can't even imagine how complicated it all was, especially for him.

And that, I think is one of the best things about Asunder. Incarnate set up the relationship between Ana and Sam but Asunder shows how messy it all really is. How complicated it gets when one of them has been alive as long as Sam has and has had these twisted relationships.

The sylph. I am incredibly intrigues by how they are coming into things. I thought I knew what they were and then I was wrong, I think. But they're such fascinating additions to the story. I am really interested to see how they play into things and how there came to be so many.

I really jumped into this one and it was such a fast read and it came together so well. I have really excited for the third one and horrified that I have to wait so long. Grrr.

Anyway, overall I give Asunder a rating of: Massively Epic.

What did you guys think of it? Did it come together like you hoped?


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