Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Beautifully Epic Clockwork Angel Manga

I'm not sure what I was waiting for in regards to reading this. I bought it awhile ago when it first came out. All I wanted to do was read it as soon as I had it in my hand but I remember having a specific reason for not letting myself. Like that I had to finish something else first, but I don't recall the exact reason now. Then, as the story goes, it got pushed back and put on the shelf and not exactly forgotten about...but forgotten about.

I read it now because I chose it as my next carrying about the city, in-public read. I took it with me to work to read on the bus and on break. I finished it pretty quickly.

I loved it. It's an absolutely beautiful adaptation of the book.

It is a manga and I think the story is better suited to the from. Mangas tend to be a little more delicate and fine-lined. Which is just perfect for the descriptions Clare uses for her characters (especially my beloved, Jem). That is not to say that I don't love some graphic novels or the art (Fables, Sandman, Marvel 1602, etc). I just think this particular story benefits much more from the style than the Hush Hush graphic novel did from the one they used.

The illustrations are beautiful and the characters are all true to themselves. I loved the chibi sequences they were very well chosen.

I will say this, the dialogue wasn't always quite as snappy. Obviously, it's the same text but the images were so lovely or funny that sometimes looking them over delayed my read from one panel to the next so the same conversations didn't have that rapid fire banter that Clare excels at. I also think that though this one did a much better job than the last I read there is still some things lost in the adaptation. Clare is such a wonder writer of chemistry and this descriptions that make a scene so hot or haunting that to lose that made some scenes less dynamic.

But I really did love it and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves the book.

I give the Clockwork Angel manga a rating of: Massively Epic.

Sorry for the short post, I am itching to get back to The Fault in Our Stars now that I am home from work.

G'bye ducks!


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