Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Epic Opal

I finally got to Jennifer Armentrout's Opal.

I really enjoyed both Obsidian and Onyx. They are easy fun reads that I found myself invested in before I even realized that I was. I got totally sucked into the relationship between Daemon and Katy.

I had previously said that Obsidian grew on me and that I just loved Onyx but I have mixed feelings about Opal. I went into it expecting the same wonderful way Jennifer Armentrout has of not wasting pages but that's not what I got.

Katy came off as a little bit whiny this time around. I loved her determination and her force of will. She was going to be as badass as everyone else, consequences be damned. I loved that part of her. But I got tired of her insecurities. Yes, they should be there, I didn't expect them to just vanish but they became a little too prevalent. They started to out weight the more immediate concerns. Too much page time was devoted to them.

I wanted to see more backlash of her being shot and more of what that did to Daemon. But I felt like that was over way too soon. Meanwhile about half the book is spent with Katy and Daemon arguing over whether it is safe for one another to do things. It got tiring when there was so much else going on. So much more for them to be doing.

They have an excellent dynamic and Armentrout definitely keeps that up in Opal. They're still playful with each other and I enjoy that about both of them. They're so much fun and have this sense of realness to them that I find really entertaining and almost reassuring. Despite their fights not being my favorite they keep up their awesome chemistry through out even if the chest aching wasn't as prevalent this time around. 

I actually really liked that Dee was pissed at Katy. She should be pissed. She has every right to be pissed. I would have really unhappy if their loss had been blown over.

So, Dawson...Dawson. I really really love Dawson. Armentrout did such a fabulous job of showing him start his recovery. How he goes from completely and totally shattered to waking back up and becoming a person again. His TV watching with Daemon and Katy made me so happy. Even better is his relationship with Katy. Armentrout does another great job of not making it seem like more than it is.

So much happened outside of the insecurity stuff. The shooting. Luc. The club. Dawson. Trying to get Beth. It's so much and so exciting!

And I have to say, the scene where Katy gets stuck at the other side of the laser. It's a little heart-wrenching. We never see Daemon beg or plead so his yelling and struggling when Katy was stuck hurt to read. Katy's resignation was awesome. The scene was just so well done. And it was a great way to end the book.

Overall I give Opal a rating of: Epic.

What did you guys think about Opal in comparison to the previous two?

I still have my Looking For Alaska post and I'm reading Jodi Meadow's Incarnate.

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  1. Obsidian and Onyx were really a surprise for me. Generally (I am bad, I know) I judge books by their covers and their covers really didn't impress me that much? Very pretty, but I thought there might be a little too much of the carrying the heroine around for me.

    Boy was I surprised! I loved them! Such an original idea partnered with characters I really liked.

    That said I totally hear you about Opal. I still loved it but not as much as the others.


    1. I was afraid that it was just me! It's not that it was bad it was just missing something the others had. It dragged a little more than it should have.

      And I know what you mean about the cover. I was really hesitant to read it when I saw the cover.