Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Epically Funny Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

You may have noticed that I don't read a lot of middle grade. It just doesn't come up for me often. But someone from work mentioned Timmy Failure to me a little while back. I love Pearls Before Swine (Pig's sea anemone enemy is one of my favorites) so I was pretty excited for this one. Not to mention when I'm having a bad day I walk away with the sign we got in for it, point to it and say "my life." One day the ARC ended up sitting on our ARCshelf ready for taking. So I took it.

I won't do a pre-release post and a full post for this one (even though it comes out on February 26th) because it doesn't really need it.

Timmy Failure runs a detective agency called 'Total Failure.' It's very him against the world since everything is always plotting against him. Even though nothing is actually plotting against him.  Meanwhile he's the most oblivious detective in the world. The situations he gets himself into are ridiculous.

I thought this book was so funny. Timmy is delightfully absurd and just totally naive. He's a terrible friend to everyone except his business partner, the 1,500 lb polar bear named Total. But he's so ridiculous that I love him. He comes to these insane conclusions and then almost makes them make sense.

This book is the sort of one where you read it and laugh at the character, not the circumstances.

This is like an hours worth of reading and it's a really good easy escape book. It's light-hearted and simply insane. If you want something that is pure silliness pick this up when it comes out. It's the off-beat humor you expect from Stephan Pastis.

Overall I give Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made a rating of: Epic.

Do any of you think you'll pick this up?

I'm going to start Nina LaCour's The Disenchantments next.


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