Friday, January 25, 2013

The Increasingly Epic Asunder: Pre-release Post

No, I haven't forgotten about my Looking For Alaska post. I just wanted to get this one done first.

Asunder. I know I had a potentially confusing post up for Incarnate, where it seemed like I wasn't completely sure what I thought of the book. Asunder cleared up any potential haziness I had.

Jodi Meadows really hits her stride in Asunder. With everything that happens in Incarnate it becomes increasingly evident the further you get into Asunder that it was all set-up. This is where the ball really starts rolling. Where things really start building. By the end I was sitting up straight in my chair (one of those bamboo nest type ones and that is not easy). There was more than once I gasped or muttered an angry string of "whats?!"

When I thought I was working it all out I discovered just how wrong I was.

I'm so thoroughly impressed by how it all came together.

But more of this on Wednesday, the day after the book releases.

And if any of you live in the Boston area you should definitely come to the Asunder release party at the Brookline Booksmith.


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