Thursday, January 31, 2013

The So Epically Beyond Epic Pride and Prejudice

I know, I know, this is not Nina LaCour's The Disenchantments, but come on, the 28th was the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice's publication.

Of course I was going to reread it.

It just took me a little bit longer than I had anticipated.

I'll keep this short because you probably don't need to read me go on and on about Austen again.

I have always had a lot of love for Elizabeth Bennet. Not in the same way I do Anne Elliot because Elizabeth has always been a little more out going than I have ever been able to bring myself to be. But I love her for being more forthright than I have ever been able. I love toward the end that she's trying to analyze everything that everyone else is feeling, including herself, but still doesn't manage to see how strongly she feels for Darcy until after she's already deep into it. Also, I have four sisters as well (though in both birth order and disposition, I am likely Mary) so Lizzie and I could bond over that.

I have also always loved the relationship Lizzie has with her dad. My dad and I have a similar sort of relationship. He's a little gruff and the two of us tend to gang up on everyone else. I love how that's depicted.

And Darcy. I, like so many others, absolutely adore Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is so clearly taken with her and is so awkward about it that I just love it. Also, I cannot converse easily with people I don't know either so Darcy and I have that in common. He's just so completely oblivious to how people operate and I find it endearing.

I said in my Persuasion post that I am always in awe of Jane Austen and it's true. I love that she can pull so much into her books and cohesively manage to connect it all together. I don't find her books at all hard to follow and she has paragraphs that go on for pages! Not only that but she wrote one of the most well-known love stories in literature and the big mutual love confession scene is totally glossed over! It would be impossible to get away with that now (though I totally want to try). There's something so captivating in her stories that I love. I love rereading them. She tells these great love stories and nothing is life or death or magical (not that there is anything wrong with either) it's just two people (usually more) meeting and developing a relationship.

In Pride and Prejudice I especially love how evident Mr. Darcy's affection is to the people who pay attention. Several people notice it throughout the book but Lizzie never does. And that is so how life goes. The main person concerned never notices.

I have also obsessively rewatched all of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries around 80-90 times now. George Wickham we are so coming for you! It is such a wonderful adaptation and modernization. I love it. The actors are absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, overall I give Pride and Prejudice a well earned: Beyond Epic.

For the anniversary I wore a Pride and Prejudice scarf and pins and a Jane Austen band-aid to work. I was so excited...and so very judged.

Are you loves Austen fans? And do you watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries because...COME ON!

I will be starting The Disenchantments, I promise. I also didn't forget about Top Ten Tuesday I started a list but couldn't actually manage to think of ten annoying characters right off the bat (Collins, Lydia...see where my head was at?).

Until later, my ducks.


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