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The Epically Wonderful Across the Universe

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Okay then...

I did it. I finally read Beth Revis' Across the Universe. I bought it ages ago, as per usual, and even "started" it once before. I didn't.

It is nothing like what I expected. Nothing. I can't tell you what exactly it was that I was expecting but this most certainly is not it. I think I expected it to be a little lighter, for some reason. I don't know why.

But I was not disappointed.

I have to say that Amy didn't make that big of an impact on me. I wanted her to be a little more vibrant in personality. I am hoping that once she no longer feels quite so discombobulated we'll get to see a little more of her being her and not panicking. Not that she doesn't have the right to panic. But she came off as a little bland. Right not she just spends her time talking about how things aren't right. I can't wait to see her act.

Elder, I liked. He is so torn between understanding Eldest and his motives and wanting to throw everything into chaos. He's not okay with how things are going but he sees what it's necessary, at least based on what it is that he was taught in terms of leading. I loved how instantly he is drawn to Amy but how unsure he is of how to function around her. He has this uncertainty that I find really endearing. I found it interesting that he seemed so much younger through Amy's eyes than he did in his own head. You don't always see a lot of that. It worked really well. 

I also really liked Harley. He can tell something is wrong but has spent his entire life being told that he's crazy so doesn't always trust himself. I loved hearing the bit about his love for Kayleigh. I wish there had been more of him.Though I did understand his death and why it happened.

I think the most disturbing thing in the whole book is the idea that humans go into heat. The whole idea absolutely horrified me. I know it was meant to but I was legitimately disgusted. I just...ugh...can't even. The thought of not being able to control myself like that. The complete regulation of mating...just...ugh.

Then there is, of course, the near rape with Amy. That scene is so well written that I hated every letter on those pages and then was impressed that I hated it. There's nothing washed out or toned down about it. I think it was handled well.

I think the thing that I was most impressed with were the historical references. The adjustments to the Gettysburg Address and the frightening positive look on Hitler. I feel like these went further than she needed to and impressed me. It would have been so easy to just have Elder believe what he'd been told without using the historical references to back it up. I loved the use of them.

Eldest is a fantastic villain. He shows his weakness with the alcohol. That's when he makes his comments about hating what he's done and the decisions that he feels like he has to make. But at the same time his decisions are appalling and his view point on things is just awful. At the same time I have to wonder how much he's been brainwashed, how much he truly believes in what he's doing.

The added time didn't surprise me all that much. And, oddly, I wasn't totally shocked when they discovered that the Godspeed had been flying longer than everyone thought. What did surprise me was they why. I sort of thought that the Eldests had kept it flying so they could keep ruling. Engine problems didn't really occur to me because I was too busy being suspicious.

I knew Orion was going to the other Elder. I even figured he was going to be the one killing the frozens. None of that was news

So far, I don't think Amy and Elder have all that much chemistry. And, oddly, I am completely okay with this. I see Amy taking comfort in him because he wants the truth. That makes sense. I see Elder being drawn to her differences. But realistically, they don't really have all that much page time together. I'd be more upset if they were instantly soul mates. I'm hoping it grows with them. I'm assuming it will.

The setting reminds me a little of the setting in The Host. It's all enclosed and has these different areas. There's that.

Usually it's the characters who are the biggest driving force for my continuing a series. I like the characters (though hoping we'll see them develop) but this time it's the plot. I'm interested to see how it all comes together. If they'll need to wake the frozens up to fix the engines and how people will react. We got mentions of the people waking up but didn't really see any of it.

I give Across the Universe a Rating of: Epic.

This wasn't anywhere near as fluffy as I thought it was going to be. Okay, fluffy isn't the right word. It just explored deeper and different ideas than I thought it was going to. I don't mind it gave me a lot to think about.

Also, it was weird to type my own name out in some of those contexts...

What did you ducks think? Have you read it? Do the characters develop more?

Next I'll be picking up Morgan Rhodes' Falling Kingdoms. I've both good and bad things so let's see.

Also, I realized that I owe you a Jodi Meadows signing post. That's coming. And hopefully Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow as well. Huzzah!

Until then,

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