Monday, March 4, 2013

The Absolutely Epic Doll Bones Pre-release

I love Holly Black. This is a well-known fact to all who know me. She's amazing. I am also a very enthusiastic person. When I love something I love it. I will make sure you and everyone in your family knows and I will get excited about everything related to it.

That being said, I sometimes get worried when reading something that someone else really loves that my enthusiasm will overshadow theirs. A quiet passion is still a passion. My youngest sister absolutely loves The Spiderwick Chronicles so I've never read them. It was a long time ago, she read them as they were coming out. But by the time I felt like I could without potentially stepping on toes they'd gotten a little pushed back on the list.

This is relevant because that makes Doll Bones the first of Holly Black's middle grade books I've read. I really liked it.

I think what I'm so impressed with is that this novel has this wonderful story about the possessed doll and a quest and all of these subtly creepy things but it never loses sight of what it's really about: growing up.

Zach, Alice, and Poppy are growing up and in some ways growing apart and in others growing closer. They're dealing with developing feelings and keeping secrets and feeling like an outsider. But they're gripping so tightly to their imaginations and that free feeling of childhood.

It's so brilliant. And I love that Holly Black tosses in all of these little horror things to develop and expand that part of the story without feeling like it needs to be beaten to death. Never once does the doll story overshadow the growing up story.

I give Doll Bones a rating of: Massively Epic.

If you have any inclination for Middle Grade, at all, or any love for Holly Black I highly recommend that you pick up Doll Bones when it comes out on May 7th.

My full post, because, yes, there is more will be out in May (so far away!).

Next I will finally be picking up Beautiful Chaos. About damn time.


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