Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lovely The Last Dragon

It's really hard to go wrong with anything illustrated by Rebecca Guay. Really. Her art is absolutely stunning. Even if you don't like the story you will have the lovely art to look at.

That being what it is, I didn't dislike Jane Yolen's story in The Last Dragon but I did want it to be more than it was.

I know I say that about a lot of things and I know graphic novels can be tricky. This one even had a fair amount of exposition in the beginning that some graphic novel's don't have. But this story is so character driven and I felt like I didn't get a good grasp on who the characters were by the end. I felt like I knew Lancot better than I did Tansy and we spent far more page time and got for more back story for Tansy.

I found myself wondering what kind of character Tansy was. Even though Tansy's sister was supposed to be the the air-headed one I caught myself unsure at times is Tansy was supposed to be a little distracted, as well. More than once I was frustrated by what she was wasn't seeing. The scene was almost comical rather than serious. I felt like she was very much set-up to be the heroine and then felt distinctly like she didn't really do anything. The art of her character is stunning but the substance to it felt flimsy and weak.

This story, especially with Guay's art, has a definite folk-tale like feel to it. Lending to that is the shallowness of the story itself. Much like folk-tales we get a surface story that was lacking in much substance, and no need to develop a real relationship with the story. But where folk-tales often have a message or lesson of some sort, The Last Dragon did not. It ended just as a very lovely but flimsy story.

I honestly think the art is what saved this story. This one just didn't fall together for me. I couldn't really figure out what they were trying to do with it.

Overall, I give The Last Dragon a rating of: Sort-Of Epic.

I has such high hopes. But, hey, at least it's pretty.

I had planned to read Rick Yancy's The 5th Wave next but today a galley of Leigh Bardugo's Siege and Storm fell into my hands and that totally wins. I can't wait to start it.

Until then!


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