Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Way Less Than Epic Desertion of The Collector

So, I heard a lot of great things about Victoria Scott's The Collector. So, I requested it from the library. It took ages to get.

I was hoping it would be good, better than the last couple that I read. I even read in a couple of reviews that Dante got more bearable with time.

Well, I made it a little over halfway through the book.
I just couldn't continue. The slang and the language was so distracting. Dante was such an ass. I couldn't like him. I tried. I couldn't.

His sudden feelings for Charlie were completely unrealistic. What do they actually know about each other? Nothing. Charlie has been nothing but flat and predictable. She's barely a full character, just a series of traits.

And did her seals have to be pink and sparkly? Pink and sparkly? Really?

I kept pushing and pushing myself but I was majorly forcing myself. I hit the point where there was just no reason to keep reading. I couldn't figure out why I was forcing myself when there were so many other books I wanted to read.

I hate not finishing books. sometimes the end makes the whole story worth it. But this one was just too much for me to keep going. I couldn't manage it so I stopped and read something that I was pretty much certain would be better.

So, I'm reading Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at The End of the Lane.

Hopefully this one will go better. I'm half way through and I love it so far.


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