Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Almost Epic Falling in Love With English Boys

First off, I didn't do an individual post on Superman: Earth One because I didn't have any major thoughts about it. I liked the way the exposition was handled. It let us jump in in the middle but still get all of the information we needed. The art was fantastic. But I didn't get enough of the story to really feel like I had time to get engrossed in the story. I plan to read the second to see if the story gets any more engrossing.

Okay, on to Melissa Jensen's Falling in Love with English Boys.

I heard about this book a while back. The premise sounded really cute and interesting. I put the name in a memo on my phone and found it a few weeks back so I requested it from the library.

I needed something fun after reading Tender Morsels so I thought this would be a good choice. I was hoping it would be like Anna and the French Kiss.

It had a similar sort of Anna idea but it wasn't Anna. Then again, only Lola was similar enough to Anna to make me happy.

Falling makes me think a little of Maureen Johnson meeting Louise Rennison...only minus most of the wit. It's a really cute story and I love the idea of the journal and the parallels. But I was never completely sold on either story.

There's something about Cat and her language that just drove me crazy. She apparently knew nothing about England but uses all sorts of English slang unironically at the beginning. It made the impact of her starting to use it less because she had already been doing so. The other thing that drove me crazy was the slang that she used. Some of it was fine others of it (and please note that I am not from Philly) sounded more like how an adult thinks teenagers talk rather than how they actually do. The slang was distracting rather then enhancing her writing any. Much of it felt like something someone would say but not what they would write.

Cat was a less funny Georgia Nicholson. She tried to be quirky and funny and clumsy and in places it almost worked. Most of the time I rolled my eyes and tried to forget things that I found irritating. Her deep love for chocolate definitely made me laugh because I recognized a lot of the stuff that she was trying.

I did love her friends, the ones we saw on page anyway. They were smart and funny and they cared so much for her so quickly. I could see why she fell in with them so quickly. They were so delightful and such distinct personalities. I couldn't see why more of that wasn't translated to Cat.

I liked Katherine's story line much better. It was a traditional Austen-esque plot, more bits and pieces of different Austen books. My only issue with this was that it was all obvious. I felt like no research went into any of it. Her language didn't seem to fit either and that was distracting.

Will was okay, he didn't seem to have enough of a personality to really make me fall for him. I liked his humor well enough but he didn't have any quirks. Nicholas, I did like. He's Mr. Knightly and adorable.  And I'm a sucker for a cravat.

I don't have too many thoughts on this one. The whole thing just struck me as obvious. I shrugged my way through most of it.

So, overall, I give Falling in Love With English Boys a rating of: Sort-of Epic.

I'm sticking with my lighter (I think) reads and reading Amy Spalding's The Reece Malcolm List next. I've heard good things.

Have any of you read Falling in Love with English Boys? What did you think?


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