Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Nearly Epic Reece Malcolm List

I thought this book looked interesting but wasn't particularly notable on my radar. Then a regular customer came in and told me that it was "so, so good." I requested it from the library.

It was a fast enough read, not something that I wanted to read large quantities of at once, which I wasn't thrilled about because I sort of just wanted to finish it.

Which, isn't really a good thing.

I really loved the main idea behind this book. Well, I mean, I really loved Reece Malcolm. She was an interesting character. Unfortunately, and despite the name, we didn't see very much of her.
I was sort of hoping for another diverting read. I went into it with bigger hopes than the last. I liked that the main character liked musical theatre. I wasn't an actor but I did do tech in college so that was pretty cool.

My biggest problem was that I couldn't really stand Devan. She moves to this new place, having just lost her dad, which doesn't seem to be that big of an inconvenience, and is awesome at everything and everyone loves her. She knows she's a good singer but as soon as everyone else says it she's all 'Gasp! Me?' But then she goes on for two pages again about how she knows she's a good singer and good enough to be playing leads. It's a hard line to walk, being confident but still having humility and it just doesn't work in this book. Devan is just grating, through the entire book. I couldn't bring myself to like her.

She should have been interesting. Instead she was a flat character who the author tried to give traits to. She became this thing that stuff happened to. Nothing seemed the effect her in a way that I felt made sense. Things just happened to her.

Reece was an interesting character but she was hardly in it. I expected the book to be mostly about Devan and her mother. Instead her mother took a backseat to the play and Elijah, and Sai. Reece was the one who was the most multifaceted. Her issues with Brad and her honesty about what happened with Devan. But as she was shoved back my interest faded.

Brad was awesome. He was perfectly suited to Reece. I loved how they balanced each other out. they were subtle and knew each other so well. He was the only one of the guys in the book that I even cared about.

They whole story just came across as all too convenient. She's the best in this awesome school, and the beautiful new guy is one of the best in this awesome school. And they're awesome together. I didn't even care. I didn't feel like I knew enough.

I think my biggest issue with this story was that there was just too much going on. She tried to give everyone issues and a story but then devoted too much time to talking about musicals and auditions that she couldn't take the time to really explore the issues. She had too much going on and just didn't develop anything that she had set up so it was hard to care about these half developed characters.

Overall, I give The Reece Malcolm List a rating of Not So Epic.

I just...couldn't like this. I wanted to. I just couldn't. It was so flat.

I've started reading Victoria Scott's The Collector. I'm not all that thrilled with it but I did hear that I would hate Dante starting off so I'm trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. But we'll see. I really need a good one.

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