Monday, July 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Not Pick Up A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started over at The Broke and the Bookish where they give us a topic and we give our top ten.

This week: Ten Words or Topics that Will Stop Me From Picking Up a Book

None of these are 100%

1. Summer Romance
There’s something about books that flat out talk about beautiful summer romances that make me sort of pause. I’ve never really given these much of a chance, admittedly but they’re…I don’t know. I feel like they often take themselves too seriously.

2. Pregnancy
Something about reading books where the main concern is that they get pregnant. I’ve tried, they always end up being too sentimental. I just don’t like them.

3. ‘Temptation’
Books with this in the title/tagline are usually super cheesy romance novels. And I’ve tried to read some…and I can’t…Even ones that are in series that start of strong (Anita Blake) peter off into awfulness at an alarming rate.

4. “Save each other”
Even in books I like when they use this phrase I roll my eyes a little. There has to be a better way to say it! But when they use it on the blurb I twitch a little. The books tend to be sentimental.

5. Can they resist each other?
See above.

6. Verse Novels
I like poetry...well...some poetry. I don't mind quoting poetry a character of mine does it a lot. But I just don't do stories written as a series of poems. Maybe I just haven't found one I've been impressed with. Or what that's been interesting enough to really entice me in.

7. Turning to God
I am potentially the least religious person you'll ever meet. I see the appeal, in a way, but I don't really get it. So a book that deals prominently with this hold no appeal to me.

8. "Good Girls"
Okay, I'm pretty much a good girl but no one is as naive and sweet as some authors try to make their characters seem (case in point The Collector). It's usually done to highlight the 'badness' of another character. It comes off as flat.

...I Not until someone can direct me to one that is honestly well done, and legitimately appealing for more reasons than just sex.

10. Suicide
Okay, I won't necessarily not pick up a book, but I definitely hesitate.

Basically, I’m not a huge fan of romance novels. Or things that take themselves too seriously when they should lighten up. And as I said earlier, none of these are fool proof. An interesting enough plot or enough praise will entice me in.

What are on your list?



  1. I agree with you about religious fiction. I avoid it like the plague. I'm very... atheist, so yeah, it makes sense for me to avoid it.

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  2. Great list. I completely agree that I don't want to read books where the focus is on two main characters saving one another! ~Sheri

  3. Ooh, verse novels - good one. I own Crank and want to read it and other Ellen Hopkins novels, but I'm afraid it will all be lost on me. :/ Great list!

    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  4. Books in verse are on my list, too. There's something about them that always turns me off. The religious aspect will always be a deal-breaker unless there's overwhelming opinion to contrary. Lisa Bergerin's Waterfall of Time series being the primary example.
    Ruby's Reads

  5. LOL, good point on the "save each other" thing and the "can they resist each other?" thing. Obviously the answer is yes and no respectively. :P
    Great list! :D

    My TTT

  6. I hate reading books about people who get pregnant....It it just not interesting to me at all! And reading books about "good girls" can get so annoying...there is no one in the world THAT good.....just saying. AWESOME LIST!
    My TTT