Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Charmingly Epic Fortunately The Milk

This isn't going to be a very long post because the book doesn't really warrant it. Not that it's not brilliant, just that the story is a short, wild romp that leaves the reader in fits of giggling.

Everyone from work is learning of my love for Neil Gaiman. So when the ARC for Fortunately, The Milk came in there was a note on it that said "Give this to Amy." I also had the privilege to hear Neil Gaiman read a section of it.

It's so funny. There's something about it that's just made to be read out loud. It's full of pauses and big words and small words and noises. I loved every second of reading it and was a little saddened when 25 minutes later it was over.

Since it's only the ARC it didn't have the full artwork yet but based on what is there Skottie Young's art is brilliant and fits the story so well. It's a bit silly and off the beaten path. I can't wait to see the completed version. There's something almost Doctor (from Doctor Who) like about the illustrations of the father.

I would also like the see the UK version illustrated by Chriss Riddell, who seems to have based his version of the father on Gaiman, himself.

Overall, I give Fortunately, The Milk a rating of Massively Epic.

If you need a funny interlude to a bad day or just something light in between heavy book I recommend picking up Fortunately, The Milk when it comes out on September 17th.


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