Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Almost Epic Wuthering Heights

I know, it's been forever! To be honest,I hadn't realized how much I needed a break until I took it. Then it was the start of NaNoWriMo and I've been pretty heavily embroiled in that project.

Also, and I'll probably get flogged for this, I didn't really love Wuthering Heights. I really wanted to and for a while my enthusiasm for it as a classic carried me through. That couldn't last though and by the end of it I was uninterested.

So I kept not reading and doing other things or I reread Anna and the French Kiss in the middle there. I didn't want to read anything new while I was still reading Heights but I didn't really want to read Heights either. So I read some graphic novels and Anna and wrote like crazy.

This morning I sat down determined to finish. I did and I still feel pretty Uninterested in the whole thing. Admittedly, I spent a of time thinking to myself, this definitely isn't Jane Eyre. I love Jane Eyre. That probably didn't help.

I think the characters had so much potential to be really interesting because they're all so twisted and crazy. But we saw their story through too many filters. It's possible that it makes their actions seem more crazy, I almost felt like it washed them out. I wanted to be in Cathy's head during one of her rants. Or in Heathcliff's at the end when he was seeing her everywhere. Not getting to see their crazy firsthand made me feel a little too removed from all of it.

Also, I don't see why people idolize the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff. They're angry, crazy, and abusive toward each other. In the regard, I think they're very well matched for each other. But they're too bent on revenge for the littlest actions toward one another. They remind me of a less redeemable Chuck and Blair, actually.

I just couldn't bring myself to actually like any of the characters. I just didn't care.

The story was fantastic and it was well crafted but I couldn't get into the execution of it.

I really thought I was going to love it.

Overall I give Wuthering Heights a rating of: Epic

Now I have to read the modern take on it. Maybe I'll like it more? We'll see! Hopefully I'll read it a little bit faster... So next up for me is Solsbury Hill.

I'm feeling better overall so I'm happily planning on diving back into my blogging schedule and my reading. So, here's hoping holidays in retail don't kill me!


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