The Definition of A Rating

I had my six level rating system but it didn’t work for me. So, I settled back on the good old five level system. (Click the rating to see a list of all of the books that earned that rating)

Beyond Epic

These are the books that make a real lingering impact. The kind that don’t let go when you’re done reading them. The plot is carefully constructed and layered. Characters are human (not necessarily physically) and easy to relate to. The relationships make you laugh, cry, and ache. Dialogue is believable and witty. These books have all of the angles covered. Great description, lovely characters, explainable story. The writer understands the world in which they are writing. The books you miss sleep to read.

Massively Epic

These are the type of books that leave an impression. You dwell a little on them when you’re done and not reading. The plots are well thought out and clever. The motives of the characters are understood and explainable. The relationships are believable and engaging. These are page turners. The writer knows what they’re doing and pulls you in. The kind of books that you make time to read.


These books keep you reading. These are quick easy reads with accessible plots and/or enjoyable characters. You’re not completely sold on something about the book but something else about it is sucking you in. This might be the weak link in an otherwise solid series. You may put off reading these a little but finishing it is still enjoyable

Sort of Epic

The kind of books that make you drag your feet a little. It’s an interesting idea but might not be executed as well as it could be. You like something about the book enough to keep going. It could be the characters, or the plot, or the relationships, maybe the dialogue or the wit but odds are good it’s only one or two of these things. You read these books when you feel like it or feel like you’re too far to stop.

NotSo Epic

These are the books that you might not even finish. If you do you’re left feeling completely unsatisfied. Maybe it started off well and then rapidly declined. Maybe it just wasn’t your thing. These books are usually abandoned for something else or they take a very long time to get through.

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